Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Art - Actually Cross-Stitched

You know how cross-stitch-pattern makers sometimes contact artists and ask to use their art for patterns (I know that's happened to a number of you)? Well, I usually say yes, and in this one case, the lady sent me an actual pattern made from my Lion, King of Diamonds piece. The pattern was really complicated (calling for 99 different thread colors!) so I knew I would probably never do it, but I thanked her and saved it anyway. Well, now, my mother in law is a prize-winning Counted Cross-Stitcher (she has won many ribbons and Best In Shows for her pieces), and she actually wanted to try stitching it. When we were out to visit recently (more on that in another post), she surprised me with her work in progress. I was floored! It really was a lot of work to get as far as she has already - and it's counted cross stitch, not printed on the fabric (!!!), and I thought I'd share some WIP's of it.

They are not the best photos - I took them in a hurry with my iPhone - but you get the idea. I'll be sure to get better photos of it all when she is finished.


The diamonds are in metallic thread, even, and when you see it in person, it looks beautiful; and I'm not talking about the "my art" part of it, I'm talking about her handiwork and attention to detail. She really is amazing!