Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beasts of Yore Preview: Bixie and Winged Lion; Lion & Unicorn Tale; Old Coat of Arms

Hi guys! Been busybusybusy working on art, trying to draw at least a little every day, though lately I've been only managing maybe 20 minutes at a time!

Two things that have kept my busy are for the Beasts of Yore Portfolio; they are the Bixie (check out this guy!) and the Winged Lion. I'll go more into detail about the portfolio, the artwork, and the creatures themselves once the portfolio is ready and we're permitted to upload our full pieces. For now, I hope you like the previews!


Also, for fun, here's two illustrations from a book I had when I was really little, that had a lasting impression on me. It's from Best-Loved Nursery Rhymes and Songs (1974 edition). I loved the way the lion and unicorn were done - not very accurate, perhaps, but wonderfully heraldic. I loved the soft colors, too. After that is *laughs* a project from 1991 for a color class - I chose to make up my own coat-of-arms. What a mess, but still fun. XD I always loved heraldry! I featured The Five (some other old images of them: 1, 2) in it, though I played with their forms and colors. They show up in a lot of my work, though often only symbolically. Hm, I remember loving to paint on colored board; I should do it more.