Sunday, January 12, 2014

Parasaurolophus-Type Dinosaur

I broke out my colored pencils - which have languished in a drawer for maybe a decade---? to try some color (so please be gentle, it has been so long, and I have a lot to learn, still). I love sketches and black & white ink or pencil work, but I've been rusty with color, so this was good practice.

This is for my friend Thaily, who has been so helpful and supportive of me over these many years. It's a "fantasy" dino because I had fun with anatomy and color (I know Parasaurolophus-type dinos may not have had that neck-flap from the "horn", for instance), but it was an enjoyable experiment. Thanks for everything, Thaily!

It is small, under 5", and was done with Prismacolor pencils (mostly) on laser printer paper.