Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More from My Pen Sketchbook Project

In an attempt to keep updated with my Pen Sketchbook Project, here are some pages I did in the fall and winter; I'll have newer stuff soon, I promise. :)


The first is a kitsune/foxlike thing (not trying to be realistic), that sorta inspired another small piece. The second is a random, horned snow-leopardy-cat thing. The third and fourth are more of my sphynx creatures; I like playing around with the facial features. I imagine the third is more muscular, and serves a guardian function, while the fourth is more of a sage-type - who I have dubbed "Sphynx Mulder" (though I didn't plan on him looking like that XD). I imagine him and others of his type in large, sun-lit rooms, discussing the workings of the world (or maybe tossing pencils at the ceiling ;>).

The last is actually from a while ago, but I forgot to upload it; it was inspired by the line "I've become... impossible" and the music leading up to it, from the song We're In This Together (note: YouTube link) by Nine Inch Nails (it's not supposed to be Trent Reznor*, though, just some random guy). Yes yes, over the years I've drawn a lot of NIN-inspired stuff; I have sketchbooks full of it. :D This is one of the more recent ones I did, but now that NIN's The Slip is out (download it for FREE!!! Legally!!!), I am just champing at the bit to draw some fangy, clawed, scaled, skull-headed things, as always happens whenever I hear their music. Argh, I am busting with ideas but need more time. :P Oh well, more soon!

*When we went to lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube a while ago, we noticed a familiar-looking face in a photo on the wall. We asked the waitress about it and she said, "Yeah, that's Trent Reznor - he grew up nearby and stops in every once in a while. Nice guy." Glad to know he's nice! It just seemed - odd? unexpected? surprising? - to see him sitting there smiling out at us at a chicken-wing place XD

Mini Pencil Sketches

For an art show this summer, I created four little pieces I did in the manner of my sketch cards (small pieces that are easy to carry and work on in bits of free time). I double-matted them all nicely, and sent them off to my agent there. They were a lot of fun - I did them in the medium I know best (graphite) and chose subjects I love (dragons, bunnies, horned cats, and vaguely-foxlike things). You can see a (quick phone camera) photo of the matted group here, and an individual one here, to give you an idea of the size. They are actually on white paper, but scanning them a bit golden preserved the shading. Maybe I will color them in Photoshop, someday, too.