Friday, June 8, 2012


Hi everyone, as you may have noticed, I've been popping online in various social networks, but figured I'd better update here, too! I've been trundling along, fitting in art where I can. ACEOs actually work out really well for me, as I like to draw small anyway, and the cards are easy to carry around and sketch on in bits of free time. Also, they are good for working out ideas that I may develop into bigger paintings later (like the unicorn).

If you like them, some are for sale at my storenvy store. Click for a larger image.


The first three were drawn in pen over the summer of 2011, colored earlier this year. They were drawn freehand in ballpoint pen and colored later in gouache on an ACEO sketch card (90lb. weight paper stock, specifically in a Borden & Riley Artist Sketch Vellum Mini Spiral Pad). They are the standard ACEO size (which is small – 2.5" x 3.5").

1. Fox Magic V (kitsune); 2. Rusty Cage (lupine); 3. Pale Shelter (canine): Kitsune lore fascinates me, and "Rusty Cage" and "Pale Shelter" were inspired by the respecive songs.

The next batch were drawn on illustration board, and some were painted with gouache.

4. Unicorn: I find unicorns of all shapes, sizes, and conformations beautiful, whether they're the wildly fierce heraldic type, or more deer- or goat-like, or even the horned, cloven-hooved horse kind. I love to draw all different types, too, but here I was inspired to draw a more horse-like one. Fluffy manes are fun! I hope to make this into a painting. Note, this one has sold.

5. Lynx; 6. Golden Tiger (a modified "golden tabby tiger"); 7. Happy Cat: (this little smiley cat could be related to the Cheshire Cat, as a matter of fact! ; 8. Tigerish Hellcat: I have always loved to draw snarly things, even when I'm in a good mood; it's very satisfying, drawing all those curved muzzle wrinkles and teeth. I loosely term this stylized fiery creature a "hellcat".

I know, no big epic paintings from me lately, but it's either this, or nothing with what time I have... and I'd rather do something small and achievable than nothing at all! XD I will get back to bigger things someday.

Thanks, as always, for looking! :D I hope you are all well.