Friday, May 14, 2010

Protectors of the Small

For two wonderful people who do so much for animals...

Thanks for ALL you do, "laturner" and "gesthen"!

These are two little drawings (approx. 4" high) done the same way as my other sketch/art cards, on invitation stationery. The border is pearlized and embossed. I love the cards because they're small and easy to take with me, to work on in bits of free time; plus, the surface has enough tooth to take the graphite nicely, without smearing too much.

I know the animals aren't 100% accurate and in proportion (the badger is supposed to be large, more human in proportion to the bunnies, etc.), but they're meant to symbolize the recipients, so I took artistic license; they are slightly anthropomorphisized, among other things. The kittens and bunnies are loosely based on ones they've fostered, though I wanted to keep them somewhat unspecific to represent all the animals they've helped. I haven't drawn a realistic polar bear or badger in years (hmmm, if ever...?) so this was an interesting challenge for me (I like to try something/learn something new with each piece I do). I hope you like them!

So I was in a Bad Mood...

...but, after some time outside in the sunshine, plus some sketching, and some MST3K on my iPhone, I feel better.

(the thing above is a result of crankiness + research on prehistoric creatures; it's just a quick scribble)