Friday, November 2, 2007

Art: Pen Sketchbook, Tiger Gods, Dragon Dog, More

Short & sweet this time, a mixed bag of art. Click for full image (many are cropped, all are resized).


1. A creature for the awesome and generous Mel. 2. More from my Pen Sketchbook Project, Synnabar: "Glance". 3. Desert-type creature I saw in a dream. 4. Big cat-thing I scribbled in a Licensing Meeting, and 5. the Sketchbook version (it's supposed to be huge). 6. Another "skull-demon". 7. & 8. Two more of my "wolf-cats" (see also 2006 and 1987). 9. Lastly, just for fun, a "dragon dog" from 1996 I found while going through older sketchbooks.

You may remember my Tiger Gods from 1995 and 2003; above, here's another, from my Pen Sketchbook. You can see I enjoy playing around with tigerlike anatomy and markings (these aren't supposed to be real): for fun, here is one from 1993 (book spine!), two from 1996, and another warped one from 1997. Except for the 1993 one, they usually do NOT have whiskers, on purpose.

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