Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wild Cats of the World Card Deck Art - Leopards

There's been so much gorgeous art for the WIld Cats of the World Card Deck posted already; still, I wanted to hold off on mine until they were available for sale (see below). So, here are my two leopards. The left is a more muscular, male tawny leopard (from Africa, with a Masai-type shield) and a sleeker female melanistic leopard (from India, with a temple-like sculpture piece). Yes, there's sort of a yin-yang thing going on. There are many wonderful stylized pieces in the deck, and many fantastic realistic ones; mine fall somewhere in between.


I know black-and-white / graphite pieces aren't usually as interesting to many, but since I feel my graphite pieces are better before I color them (or for those who are curious), here are the two pre-Photoshop:


I have some decks I may sell myself at an art show later this year; I'll post an update when I do.

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Joseph Rocca said...

Really cool stuff! Great work.