Monday, March 25, 2013

Eagle-Eyed Tiger

I've been behind in posting art, so for those of you who may not have seen this elsewhere, here is a fun little exercise I painted back in the summer of 2011 - apparently I was on a fantasy-inspired tiger kick!

"Eagle-Eyed Tiger' - new band name - I call it!"

A warm-up piece inspired by a silly quote from a TV show I like. It's done in gouache on an 8" x 10" fiber board panel, like my Prehistoric Series from last year. I LOVE painting on this surface! I wanted to keep this light and stylized, and the tiger has "eagle eyes", not tiger eyes --- obviously real tigers don't look like this!

It was really busy for me back then (though it still is now, actually), so I drew the concept sketch for this, transferred it to board a month after drawing it, and finally got around to painting it a few weeks after that. I may be slow, but I am determined!

The original is available for sale here, at my Storenvy Store.

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