Monday, March 25, 2013

Tiger God IV version III

I had always wanted to paint my Tiger God IV from my Pen Sketchbook. Even though I had colored a version of it in Photoshop, I really enjoy actually painting whenever possible. The results are different too, as in Photoshop I only color using a mouse, while when using gouache I have better success working with textures.

This is done in gouache on a Fiber Panel Board, like my Prehistoric Series from last year, and is pretty large; it's 10" x 20". Gouache is a funny medium, though; it looks really vibrant and has a lot of depth when you see the actual paintings, but is tricky to scan... the colors are a bit harsher here, and not quite as smooth as they are if you see it in person.

It, like the original pen sketch, is supposed to be stylized; obviously real tigers don't look like this! I enjoy stylizing things my own way; there are plenty of artists out there who are much better than I am at photorealistic paintings, which is fine with me--- I''ll leave that to them and just do things my own way - which is more fun! ;D

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